Often diploma’s are the gatekeepers to work. But what if this is not the case? What if someone is hired solely on his abilities and motivation? In its maybe purest form that is what opening recognition is about: replace scrutiny with trust. Open Hiring™ is an example of how this works: no exclusion in hiring and selection of employees. In 1982, the American company Greyston launched a breakthrough model to help people facing barriers to employment. They call it Open Hiring™. It is a business model and an investment in individuals, families, communities and in our collective future.

“When people say they want to work, we say yes. We give them an opportunity with no questions asked, no resumes, no interviews, no background checks.
We replace scrutiny with trust.”

Mike Brady – Greyston

Open Hiring program launched in the Netherlands

Greyston and Dutch social developer Start Foundation have entered into a partnership to bring Open Hiring™ to the Netherlands. The goal is to offer people who are currently unemployed a chance to get a job through a progressive experiment: a job without a job interview.

In the Netherlands too, there are still too many people who do not participate in the labor market at the moment, and who are willing and able to do so. The wrong last name, a too old age, a missing diploma, all sorts of things that are not directly relevant can be enough to exclude people. Open Hiring™ can change that.

Start Foundation is researching and developing the Dutch variant of Open Hiring™ together with employers and institutions such as the UWV, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and municipalities. And put them into practice at a number of pilot companies through small-scale experiments. “We are facing an exciting challenge. And also in Belgium there is a growing interest in this program.” says the Start Foundation.

The first adopter: MamaLoes

Image taken from the MamaLoes website

Mike Brady, CEO and president of Greyston: “We are proud to welcome MamaLoes, an online babyshop as a pioneering enterprise that uses the Open Hiring™ model to welcome people into their workforce with zero judgment and by asking no questions. Bold organizations will lead the way in creating an inclusive economy for all and MamaLoes and Start Foundation are setting the example for others to follow.”

“We consciously and unconsciously exclude many people in the recruitment and selection process. Open Hiring™ gives the usual prejudices and doubts no room. As an employer you put the possibilities of people on one and you connect to the local community where you are part of.
The door is open.”

Ingeborg Zwolsman, programmanager of Open Hiring™ in the Netherlands
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