In April 2016 Davide had concluded Civil Service after vocational school for hotel and catering, and did not have a clear idea of his future job profile. He took part in the nationally funded program “Garanzia Giovani”, so the professionals at Job Agency Synergie supported him in identifying his competencies and assessed them, providing him with his own Dossier of Evidences.

Davide’s linguistic skills were scarce, with only a basic school learning, but he had trained them by working in a museum during Civil Service where he had welcomed international visitors.

The output of the assessment was that Davide should strengthen his linguistic competencies: this would have opened up more paths for him in the touristic and cultural sectors. Davide than started a job as cook assistant.

This example from Synergie, an employment agency in Italy and one of the associated partners of MIRVA, shows that understanding one’s skill is a fundamental starting point for any path, even if it is recognition of something that is not yet perfect.