Hello Open Recognition community!

We are very pleased to share with you the final newsletter of our MIRVA project.
MIRVA, an Open Recognition Alliance project funded with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, has completed a 3 year period of research and development. MIRVA has defined a framework and guidelines for making informal recognition more visible and actionable. The framework and guidelines are relevant for all involved in the recognising non-formal and informal learning. Whether you are a technology provider, an adult education provider/ trainer or member of a community: all involved can benefit from these guidelines.

We also collected many stories of people in the field of education, employment and the social & culture area to empower you with new insights and guidelines to be recognised and to recognise.

We believe we succeeded in meeting our objectives and with this newsletter, we would like to proudly share our results with you.

The Open Recognition work does not end! With REVEAL, a new Erasmus+ project, we will continue to build on the work of MIRVA.

In the newsletter:

  • MIRVA framework and guidlines available
  • Meet the people who want to recognise…
  • Opening recognition: from concept to practice
  • Preparing for the future with Badge Cuisine
  • Understanding and designing Recognition Technologies
  • Badges are about connecting people to opportunity
  • How to recognise skills in social and professional communities?
  • MIRVA passes the relay baton over to REVEAL

A big warm thank you from all the MIRVA partners to all of you who have walked with us for the past 3 years in our journey and especially to our participants that even during the COVID-19 pandemic gave us their time in evaluating our efforts.

The MIRVA team

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