Follow Anthony, who claims the same open badges as his apprentices

Anthony – 28 years old – trainer in hydraulics and water treatment

He will allow his apprentices to discover the world of FabLabs and allow them to get open badges to recognize their learning.

Anthony works at the apprentice training center of Maniac en Bigorre. He is recently interested in FabLabs after discovering one at the teacher training center in Toulouse.

He is looking for colleagues who have the same interest in the subject or who already have a FabLab in their school. He will be responsible for creating a collaborative space to share documents, resources and interact with colleagues. He publishes an open badge FabLab Explorer in the Open Badge Passport Gallery. This allows him to connect with people outside agricultural education who work in third places.

He goes to the FabLab of the neighboring city with his apprentices to learn to use the different machines. Anthony and his apprentices get Open Badges for what they have learned together.

Some apprentices have voluntarily returned to the FabLab to continue training. Even if these badges did not count in the diploma, they counted in the evaluation of their motivation by their trainers and their supervisors.

Open badges are good tools to recognize informal learning


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