Follow Christophe who wants to show his commitment to a project

Christophe – 38 years – digital referent in high school

He will make visible his willingness to contribute to a project

Christophe is a digital referent in his establishment in Burgundy. He has to launch a training plan for educational teams and he is looking for online resources . He does not have much time to train his colleagues himself, but he can guide, accompany and help them in case.

He will use the acoustice platform to propose open courses to educational teams. The training times will be formalized with his head teacher and positioned on an event called the “Spring of Digital Education.”

He wants to show the agricultural education community that he is involved in the accompaniment of his peers in the acoustice program. He asks for two badges :  digital referent and acoustice facilitator.

His commitment was recognized by the network leader who endorsed the badge.

Open badges make visible his involvement in a collective project


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