Follow Fabien who is to going to build his personal recognition space

FABIEN, 35 years old, teacher in zootechnics.

He will create his passport and ask for his first Open badge.

To understand what an Open Badge is, we invite you to follow Fabien, 35 years old, teaching at an agricultural school in Ploumaniaque in Brittany. He feels good in this establishment. From the window of the teachers’ room, he has a magnificent view of Mont Saint-Michel on the other side of the border.

Before starting, he will create a free account on an Open Badges management platform. Anthony, his digital referent, explains that he can use the Open Badge Passport platform from which Fabien can:

  • store his Open Badges
  • manage the visibility of his badges (public or private)
  • exchange with other owners of the same badge
  • browse the Open Badges Gallery.

Fabien is convinced and starts to create his account on

– Registration –

– Profile –

Now that the account is created, he arrives on his dashboard.

From this page he can use the top menu to navigate to his profile:

The choice of the image that will be visible in his profile is important, Fabien hesitates !!

Now that the account is created and the profile filled out, everything is ready to explore Open badges on the acoustice platform.

– Claiming a badge –

Fabien decides to navigate and from the Start menu,  he clicks on the image to claim his badge: I explore acoustice Open badges.

He lands on a form that asks him for the necessary information to obtain the badge.  

At a minimum, he must indicate his email address and his name. Indeed, it is thanks to the email address that Fabien can prove that the badge is his own.

He clicks on the  Send button

He connects again on his Passport and arrives on his dashboard and sees that he has a badge waiting! Fabien is happy, he accepts the badge!

– making his badge visible –

By default, his badge is private. He is the only one who can see it. He sets it in public mode so that it’s visible from all over the world. When you’re proud of your badge, show it !

Even better, Fabien decides to geolocate his badge so that his colleagues from other agricultural high schools can know where it is. At the same time he participates in making visible his interest in Open badges. Thanks to this, other people can discover his interests and the acoustice program !

An open badge makes your interests visible!

-Discovering badges and people –

Fabien is curious to know if other people have the same badge as him and decides to navigate the Open badge passport gallery.

He clicks on the profile of Cécile who seems to work in the vicinity of Rouen, in Normandy.

He realizes she has a lot of badges!

Browsing the gallery makes you discover interesting people and badges!

– Interacting with the holder of a badge –

Fabien is eager to learn more. He notices that one can write a comment on the badge.

Open badges makes it possible to get in touch with their holders !

Let’s recap with Fabien, what he discovered with this first Open badge.

  • He created a free account on a platform
  • He asked for his first badge and accepted it
  • He made it public and geolocated
  • He was able to discover that other people had the same badge as him
  • He wrote a comment on a badge

Indeed, the information contained in the badge can be exploited with the agreement of the holders, to make for example appear the following information:

  • Who else has the same badge as me: who has therefore the same interests, or who learns the same thing as me … .etc
  • Where are the people who have the same badge as me?
  • What badges did this person get?

Fabien immediately talks to his colleagues to encourage them to ask for their first badge.

It’s up to you to ask for yours if you want to join the community!



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