Follow Melanie, she teaches permaculture in her school

Melanie is passionate about permaculture. She is aware of the agro-ecological transition. She runs a club in her high school with great success. Her comrades who come to help her maintain a vegetable garden learn a lot, but nothing is planned to value what they learn.
She meets a member of “Farms for the Future”, an association that issues Open Badges to their members who follow a training course from farm to farm to develop technical skills in agriculture.




After talking to each other, they decided to create a permaculture initiation badge system for Melanie to use in her high school. The badges are endorsed (approved) by  “Fermes d’avenir” association so they can be valued later in the association. 
Wow, that’s cool. Melanie has created a link between her high school and farmers thanks to Open badges !


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