Follow Michèle, looking for testimonies on digital practices

Michèle – 42 years old, head of training engineering in Dijon

She is looking for people who would like to present their projects at the next educational digital seminar.

Michèle is looking for teacher and trainers who have innovative practices around digital agriculture.

She consulted the OpenGallery of Badges Agricultural Education and found a badge “FARMBOT Project”.

Farmbot is an agricultural robot based entirely on open source technologies that automates the production and maintenance of a small vegetable garden, from seed planting to burial of weeds, soil monitoring and soil management, calculated intake of water. It is a project that brings together advocates of technologies and those of organic farming, which responds to ecological, educational and scientific issues, and brings agriculture into a new era.

The badge allows her to identify actors of the project and make them testify at the seminar.

Michèle realizes that this badge connects all the actors of the project: teachers, professionals, learners, without distinction!

The open badges allow to recognize all the actors of a project and the partners who recognize them


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