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Nathan is 18 years old and has stopped school for 2 years. He had family problems that prevented him from studying peacefully. So he gave up. He is bored a little in his village near Dieppe. One of his friends told him to go to the social center to meet other people and think he could help.
By joining the social center, Nathan thought he was going to be in a community of nuts and he was a little ashamed. He could not see what he was going to do there.

But as soon as he arrived, the director of the association proposed to participate in the creation of a web-radio. For this, he was trained by other members of the social center who already had experience in this area. He also had to participate in financing this project, for example by selling pancakes on the market.
For 6 months, he learned a lot because he participated in many activities. He has found a real family in this social center where everyone learns to be in solidarity.

When he thinks that he masters a know-how within an activity, he can ask for an Open badge to value it. It is his peers and the management with whom he works who approve the badge.

What is interesting is that the social center Open badges  are recognized as proof of c

ompetence by the mayor of Dieppe and employers in the region who offer privileged courses to badge holders.

Nathan has just received his Open badge, “I have a professional attitude”. He may soon be a candidate for an internship at a neighboring company.

What Nathan has learned is that he had value, even if he didn’t succeeded at school. He also learned about the importance to use Open badges to proove his engagement outside of the social center.


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