Follow Sophie who wants to develop her skills on GIS

Sophie is a teacher in History and Geography at the agricultural school of CastelManiac in the Tarn et Garonne.  She wants to train in GIS because these tools are more and more used by professionals and she has not updated her skills on this topic for many years.

She discovers the open course of Henri Combeau, which can be followed online on the acoustice platform. After completing the course, she asks for her completion badge to attest to the follow-up of this training. She publishes it in the Open badge passport gallery.

Sophie is very satisfied with the course Henri has created and wishes to thank him for the quality of his work. She discovers his open course designer badge  and decides to endorse it.

Open badges makes it possible to endorse the competence of a person

Fabien, the teacher of Zootechnics, discovers this badge in the Open badge passport gallery and asks Sophie where she attended this training. Thanks to Sophie, Fabien discovered a learning opportunity that he might not have discovered otherwise.

– Open badges allow to discover new learning opportunities –

A few months later after practicing GIS with her BTS class (advanced technician’s certificate), Sophie is more confident in this area and asks for the badge “I explore GIS in pedagogy “. Its purpose is to be able to connect with other teachers who have similar or advanced practices. Sophie still wants to progress.

By browsing the badges gallery on she discovers an “OpenStreetMap Map Maker” badge issued by a Fablab.

She exchanges with one of the beneficiaries of the badge, which indicates that a community exists around this free tool. After registering on the website and having discussed with the contributors, she has the idea to create a project of participatory mapping on the territory of the school with her students of Bac Professional. Awesome !

She creates an “OpenStreetMap Contributor Badge” for her students and contacts the association to ask them to endorse the badge. They accept with pleasure.

The project allowed Sophie and her students to be recognized by the OpenStreetMap community for the contribution they made.

Open badges allow individuals to be recognized by communities

Two of his students discovered a passion for mapping. They organized a Mapathon in their city. With a map, a pen and a bike, each participant has crisscrossed a neighborhood to

note all the information related to bicycles (bike lanes / bike lanes, bike parking, cycling back-ways, missed facilities …). In the evening, all the information has been added on OpenStreetMap.

The students asked for a badge from the American Society of Geography to have their commitment as a citizen of the world recognized!


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