What is an Open badge ?

An Open Badge is an image that contains informations in relation with an experience, skill, role or affiliation … and many other things.

An Open badge helps you to show the world : 

  • What you have learned or what you want to learn
  • Who are the ones you work with
  • What you can do
  • What are your passions or interests
  • Who trusts you
  • What you stand up for
  • …and many other things

And you can prove it, because the informations in the badge can be verified.

Hereunder is an Open badge displayed on the Web

The information that appears in the badge is:

  • the name of the badge
  • the description of what it covers;
  • the criteria (what had to be done to obtain the badge);
  • the issuer : the person or structure who issued the badge;
  • the owner : the person or group who received the badge;
  • evidences : (to support what the badge recognizes);
  • endorsement (the fact that other persons or structures approve this badge, or support the person who received it or the issuing structure);
  • the date of issue and the validity period of this badge

Please note!

  • You can obtain badges or create yours
  • The badge is personal, you can decide to share it, keep it for you, or delete it.
  • Nobody can badge you without your consent!

Would you like to have a badge ? It’s very easy….follow Chiara, she is going to explain you how she got her first Open badge.


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