These projects are in progress at the moment. If you want to participate, please send us an e-mail.

O1 – Open Recognition Framework 

Leader: Forschungsinstitut für Bildung- und Sozialökonomie (FiBS)


2 / 4 Completed


  • 25% A1 Inventory of Informal Recognition practices29th December 2017
  • 50% A2 Inventory of Recognition frameworks and tools 31st January 2018
  • 75% A3 Development of recognition scenarios / use cases31st May 2018
  • 100% A4 Open Recognition Framework31st August 2020


  • For an Open Badge Framework (Green paper) In Review The objective of this document is to build a map of the concepts related to Open Badges. There is room to express different points of views. It is the responsibility of the editor to keep the coherence of the document's structure and, if necessary, adapt it to leave space for different points of view. The preparatory work of this framework is to be found at, the editor's blog. A number of references to the writings of other authors has been included in this document before making public an advanced outline. We hope that this framework will be enriched by already published writings and trigger the desire to produce new ones.

  • A1 Open Recognition Framework—Discussion Paper In Review This working document describes the structure and suggests content for a framework to promote open recognition. It is also the basis for an action plan, which should run parallel to other activities during the MIRVA project with the aim of increasing awareness and practice of open recognition in a multitude of social settings.

  • A3 - Development of recognition scenarios / use cases In Review Inventory of Practices

  • O1-A2 Inventory of recognition framework and tools In Review Part of the A2 - Inventory of Recognition frameworks and tools

O2 – Guidelines for Communities & Individuals

Leader: Etablissement Public Local D’enseignement (EPL)


1 / 4 Completed


  • 25% A1 - Discussion Paper24th April 2018
  • 50% A2 - Expert seminar recommendations24th May 2018
  • 75% A3 - Guidelines for Communities & Individuals23rd July 2018
  • 100% A4 - Guidelines piloting30th September 2018

O3 – Guidelines for Organisations & Practitioners

Leader: Open Knowledge Belgium (OKB)


0 / 4 Completed


  • 25% A1 - Discussion Paper24th October 2018
  • 50% A2 - Expert seminar recommendations23rd November 2018
  • 75% A3 - Guidelines for Organisations & Practitioners22nd January 2019
  • 100% A4 - Guidelines piloting23rd March 2019


No documents at this time.

O7 – Open Recognition Portal

Leader: Gear Up (GEU)


2 / 4 Completed


  • 25% A1 - Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Plan30th November 2017
  • 50% A2 - Open Recognition Portal31st December 2017
  • 75% A3 - Library, knowledge base
  • 100% A4 - Outreach & community building31st December 2020


  • Part of the Communication and Dissemination Plan In Review This document shortly describes A2 - Open Recognition Portal by presenting the main structure and envisaged functionalities. This includes: A dedicated area presenting the overall MIRVA vision, objectives and partners. A dedicated corner for disseminating news relevant to the Open Recognition community that will come either from the MIRVA project or from other relevant channels. Facilitated access to a variety of resources, including key outputs of the MIRVA project and related initiatives for broad uptake. A corner dedicated to providing an actual overview of relevant events, either external or organized by the consortium. Links to the various social media channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, which will be populated along the project’s lifetime, besides the main contact page.