Guidelines for Communities & Individuals

These documents are designed to address individuals and their communities directly so that they can initiate the establishment of local recognition networks – “local” in the sense of “proximal” to the main theme of a community, whether that community is local or related to a practice, for example a professional community or a community of interest such as an association.


Related work

During the project the partners of MIRVA produced related and relevant work, like Discussion papers, Expert seminar recommendations or Case studies and Validation. If produced, they are published below.

Meet the people who wants to recognise...

What can we do to recognise and be recognised? Technology, policies, stakeholders like employers: many factors play a role when recognition is needed. The partners of MIRVA have collected many stories of people in the field of education, employment and the social & culture area to empower you with new insights and guidelines to be recognised and to recognise. Enjoy!

Meet the people