Guidelines for linking informal recognition with Frameworks

While the heart of the project is the ‘informal recognition of informal learning’ one of the objectives of MIRVA is to explore the means to bridge the gap between formal and informal recognition. One of the elements that could help bridging that gap is the exploitation of existing frameworks such as the European Qualification Framework, the European Key
Competency Framework, ESCO, competency and occupational framework, etc.

For example, Open Badges have a “criteria” field that could be used to link a badge to units and elements of a competency framework. Additional Open Badges metadata like AlignmentObject can make reference to an individual standard in a competency framework.

While the alignment of a badge to a standard seems more relevant to organisations delivering formal credentials, this also could be used by individuals and communities creating their own badges and endorsements.


Related work

During the project the partners of MIRVA produced related and relevant work, like Discussion papers, Expert seminar recommendations or Case studies and Validation. If produced, they are published below.

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What can we do to recognise and be recognised? Technology, policies, stakeholders like employers: many factors play a role when recognition is needed. The partners of MIRVA have collected many stories of people in the field of education, employment and the social & culture area to empower you with new insights and guidelines to be recognised and to recognise. Enjoy!

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