Open Recognition Song – an output of MIRVA


I wasn’t really good at school

I had a problem with the rules

I loved to learn remaining free

I had no need for a degree


Teachers told me : “you’re no good”

Your grades are weak, it’s understood

My journey was a little lame

I didn’t fit into the frame




Now you’re asking for a deed

Cause it’s a key to accede

To your higher education

Please, open the recognition


I’ve been walking beside the line

Earned experience, now I feel fine

I’ve got certain abilities

Give me some possibilities



Recognize me, 

my skills begin to rust, 

Valorize me, 

Can’t you see my lust? 


Please endorse me,

Don’t leave me in the dust 

Stay beside me 

Give me a bit of trust 


I’ve got some badges to display 

Aren’t they cooler than a survey?

My achievements are not a bust 

They just have a lack of trust 


Please assess me, but don’t be formal 

I don’t need no damn credential 

Sometimes you have to lose control 

Don’t grade the parts, take the whole