Located in the heart of the city of Poitiers, the center of scientific, technical and industrial culture in New Aquitaine, has three missions: popularize research, its methods, its results and its professions; promote the transmission and sharing of knowledge; and maintain citizen debates on social and cultural issues. Espace Mendes France owes its origin to the meeting between researchers from the University of Poitiers and activists of Popular Education. Today, the center of scientific and technical culture has important premises located in the heart of the historic center of Poitiers, rooted in the associative screw of Poitiers and in close connection with the university it extends its action to the whole of the New Aquitaine region, even beyond. Through the diversity of its actions and audiences, the center contributes to a better understanding by all of us of our complex and ever-changing world. In Poitiers, Espace Mendes France is one of the most important cultural establishments in the city; it is a friendly place that hosts exhibitions, conferences, events, training, shows, creations, and a planetarium.