Meet Steve.

I’m Steve and I work for a training organisation which is part of a network of like-minded institutions.To express and make visible the value of our organisation and the network it belongs to, I would like to show the range of collaborations and endorsements that makes the value of or organisation and its network.

What should Steve consider?

What's the objective?

  • How to highlight the values and activities in organisations and their members
  • What is the role of individuals and that of organisations?
  • Should recognition be bound to specific activities or evidence?
  • Who is the expected reader and what will he/she access?

Who will have access?

  • Members of the network
  • External visitors

Who will be able to claim recognition?

Members of the network will be able to claim recognition from other members and the range of stakeholders they are interacting with.

What will be recognised?

It is for the members of the network to decide, individually and collectively what will be recognised.

Steve's Path

Starting out

Allow individual issuing of light credentials towards organizations (e.g. like, endorsement, light comment), and issuing of credentials from organizations to other organizations. Distinguish recognition issued by organization (official and authorized) and recognition by individuals (more lightweight) Chosen expressions of recognition (credentials) should be easily shareable, i.e. on social media.


Express clearly roles and relations between organizations and individuals (but avoid making the system stiff with authorizations) Allow attaching evidence to credentials, even after credential issuing.


Provide a publicly accessible recognition reader, able to read through a chain of recognition / endorsements and check their context and verification.

Technology checklist

  • Social networks
  • Portable, verifiable, lightweight recognition bits: Open Badges, Bit of Trust
  • Verifiable issuer profile and context
  • Credential reader and verifier
  • Distributed database, possibly blockchain-based

What do they think?

Are happy to be able to share their activity with these teaching organizations, and want to do that where their contacts mostly are in an easy way.
As a manager of one of the network organisation, I find that It is a real progress to be able to provide a more comprehensive view of the network members and their activities.
I find the information provided interesting to get a better idea of the organisation and the network it belongs to.